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Compensation and benefits

Companies with competitive pay to attract talented people to ensure that the company has an industry's best workforce. The company will regularly inspected internal salary levels of employees at all levels, the external collection of the industry labor market pay situation, and strive to establish a fair, reasonable and highly competitive salary system.
      The classification of wages shall be formulated in accordance with the duties, titles, educational background, working ability and technical level of the employees. The annual wage adjustment can be based on personal performance of employees, the company benefits, the market pay situation. Strict compliance with local government minimum wage standards, and with the standard changes to adjust.
      The Company arranges employees to participate in social insurance according to the relevant regulations of the local government.
      Every year the company held recreational activities, the Spring Festival, National Day, New Year's Day and other festivals held sports events.
      Companies from time to time to organize employee travel.

Vocational Training

Penghui's success depends on her employees, the company encourages and respects the employee's initiative, creativity and sense of responsibility, and create a frank and fair working environment.
      The company's investment in human resources development training is one of the most important goals of the company's annual work. To ensure that the company has a high-quality employees, the company will provide business, management, language, interpersonal skills and other skills training according to the needs of the work. Human Resources Department is responsible for co-ordination, arrange management training; the relevant departments responsible for organizing the production and technical training.
      Each year, supervisors and subordinates arrange two face-to-face employee performance evaluations. Through assessment, positive results, listening to suggestions, pointing out areas for improvement, looking ahead to future development goals, and the training required.

People in the GreatPower

Workers and harmonious home
August 2008, Guangzhou Greatpower battery "workers and harmonious home" set up its main focus on employees to watch programs, organizational learning and entertainment in the form of foreign staff to carry out cultural construction.
       The content of "Worker Harmony Homeland" is composed of six sections, such as policies and regulations, local customs, film and TV, vocational training, expositions and consulting services. The content is rich and vivid. In the "harmonious home workers", workers can learn advanced vocational skills, can also enjoy a wealth of cultural and entertainment programs.

Greatpower basketball team
In 2008 July, Guangzhou Greatpower basketball team was formally established, basketball team consists of 12 people, members from all departments. The establishment of the team marks the Greatpower sports standardization and institutionalization.
       Every Monday and Thursday, we can see the basketball players on the course of the valiant heroic training. From time to time internal or with other enterprises, government departments friendship basketball hot scene, is to let all the Greatpower people passionate cry, an upsurge of emotion.



 Plant celebration 

 Greatpower people celebrate Greatpower's birthday in different ways over the years. In the passion and laughter, they share Greatpower's joy and witness the growth of Greatpower.