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The 120th China Import and Export Fair(also known as the Canton Fair)was initiated on Oct 15 th, 2016. Great Power has fully completed its strategic layout and the industrial upgrade in the new energy field.

release time:2016-10-17

       As the vane and indicator of China's foreign trade situation, the 120th China Import and Export Fair(also known as the Canton Fair)was initiated on Oct 15 th, 2016. As a comprehensive international trading event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the largest buyer attendance, the greatest business turnover in China, Canton Fair had attracted totally 93,234 oversea buyers in the first phase and 55,192、14,374、12,241 are the number of buyers coming from Asia, Europe, America respectively.With such number of purchasers, Asia, Europe, America are the top three regions for the attendance of buyers.

      In order to practice Great Power’ promise of Green the Future, in the 119th Canton Fair, Great Power has begun to show its layout results in the new energy industry, and before the 120th Canton Fair, Great Power has fully completed its strategic layout and the industrial upgrade in the new energy field.Through vigorously research, develop and manufacture new energy products, and stick to automatic production method, currently, the new energy vehicle lithium power battery, the large household on/off grid energy storage lithium battery system, and the traditional digital lithium battery have became to be the major three carriages in promoting Great Power’s development. 

      Based on the idea of persisting green development, Great Power had exhibited five major types of products during the Cantong Fair, including power battery and its full system solutions, portable energy storage tank, household photovoltaic on/off grid energy storage system, communication base station backup power. Power lithium battery and energy storage products had been the center of attention and had attracted foreign purchasers coming from the United States, Canada, Australia, India, Iran, Peru, Spain, etc, to visit and ask about. It fully demonstrated Great Power’s originality in intelligent manufacturing. 

      Among all exhibited products, household energy storage system(10 KWH Model) was Great Power’s star product during the Canton Fair. This newly released energy storage product is made by aluminum shell LiFePO4 battery cell, and integrated with BMS (Battery Management System, developed by Great Power), which is able to control the voltage, current, and temperature of batteries. This system also has an advanced dynamic balancing protection mechanism, which is able to meet the demand of AC output voltage from 100v to 230V. Besides, by equipping with inverter, solar energy, power adapter and other accessories, this system can become an independent household power supply system to support the daily usage of a house. Intelligent real-time monitoring, in addition, is another highlight of this system, when connecting with house grid and/or photovoltaic system, real-time monitoring of the input and output of photovoltaic, the operation status of inverter and batteries can be achieved through using related Apps, and therefore can provide better user experience.

     The Canton Fair spokesman Bing Xu said, the current foreign trade situation is grim, lack of effective demand, global trade downturn is still continuing, domestic factor costs is inceasing, the speed of industrial transfer and order outward transfer are enhancing, traditional competitive edges have begun to weaken. However, with many favorable policies designed to promote the foreign trade in effect, and the optimization of the foreign trade structure, the foreign trade situation is becoming to develop in a stable and positivekeep maner. Great Power will always insist taking Technology, Innovation, Quality, Service as the core for creating green & environmental friendly lithium battery products with great performance and complete battery system solutions, deeply expanding the consumer digital, power, energy storage and oversea markets, constantly improving Great Power’s international influences, forming Great Power’s own unique brand competitiveness, and showing Great Power’s determination in practicing Power the World, Green the Future to the world.