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The Most Valuable Listed Lithium Battery Enterprises For Investment. went to Great Power

release time:2016-07-24

      While the domestic economy growth has slowed down, lithium battery industry unexpectedly becomes the center of capital and a new force that suddenly rises. Among the lithium battery industry, the popularity of the new energy vehicle is undoubtedly the major reason that raises the industry up. The recent springing up of car-battery joint model has brought in more space for the industry’s growth additionally. In the secondary market, the values of lithium battery enterprises have been boosted, and doubled shares are emerging endlessly. In order to provide a systematic and sicientific investment advice for investors, Quality Data for Lithium Battery Platform(QD-LIB.COM), accompanied by other famous medias and investment institutions, carried out a selection activity called The Most Valuable Listed Lithium Battery Enterprises For Investment. 

This selection activity was settled based on the following index:

1.QD-LIB.COM based Internet voting, weight 40%.

2.Market performance score of the listed lithium battery enterprises, weight 30%.

3.Overall score marked by QD-LIB research institution and expert investment institutions, weight 30%.

     The result of this selection activity was published on 31th Aug. There are 10 companies that were selected as The Most Valuable Listed Lithium Battery Enterprises For Investment. Great Power, BYD and other corporations achieved this honor. 

     Great Power steps steadfastly and pithily on the forward way of green developing. Products developed by Great Power have always stood in the forefromt of the industy since we have been incorporating the concept of safe manufacturing & safe driving into the designing of small, medium and large size passenger vehicle battery systems, logistics vehicle battery systems, and coach battery systems. 

    After finishing the industrial layout of power battery, Great Power extended its strategic target to the energy storage field. By now, we have already developed a series of industry-leading products, including portable energy storage tanks, communication base station storage powers, household photovoltaic on/off grid energy storage systems, distributed micro-grid energy storage systems, MW level energy storage plants, etc.

    Great Power seeks for leap-forward enhancement on its overall strength through continuously consummating product upgrade, extending and optimizing product lines. In 2015, Great Power formally established its own Research Institute, it not only improves the R & D strength of Great Power, but also will make Great Power as a leader of the new energy field and the ivy of the battery industry.