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         Science and Technology Team —— A strong research team that ensures Great Power’s leading role in the industry

Great Power insists that innovation is the spirit of corporation development. In doing so, Great Power has set up a strong R & D team, with 273 senior technicians, including professors, PhDs, involved, and has established 5 comprehensive laboratories. Great Power has also instituted a Postdoctoral Research Station and established the Guangzhou Rechargeable Battery Research Center with the city government of Guangzhou, and founded Great Power Research Institute.

          With highly advanced and accurate equipments, such as AASP, XRD, SEM, STM and TG-TDA installed in our laboratories, our research subjects cover forefront topics like High Capacity and High Rate Charging and Discharging, Overcharging and Over Discharging, the Performance of Different Additives and the Impacts of Different Materials and Formulas on Performance and Lifespan of Batteries.